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Deep Lung Technology

The required deep lung sampling process provides accurate and reproducible measurements by correcting for natural variations in exhalation time and lung capacity across individuals.

Biosense is the only breath monitor to provide this patented technology. Clinical data shows a high full-day correlation with blood ketones.


Understanding The ACEs Unit

Biosense ketone test results are reported in units called ACEs. But what exactly are ACEs? ACEs are a unit that translates parts per million (ppm) of breath acetone into a blood ketone equivalent.

ACEs Reading

Published studies and our own clinical research has shown that blood and breath ketones are closely related. This correlation increases significantly with multiple measurements per day as recommended with Biosense.

Color Indication

The Biosense device and mobile app put your measurement into context by providing a color indicator along with your ACEs reading. The vertical black bar on the results screen indicates where your measurement falls on the overall spectrum of ketosis.


BIOSENSE™ Mobile App

Only Biosense provides a full daily picture of the time and depth of your ketosis, so you can see your true, total fat burn over time.

The more and longer you are “in the green”, the higher your fat burn rate.

Understanding The
Ketone Score

The Ketone Score is a summary of how long and how deeply you’ve been in ketosis on any given day. This is important because research suggests that a daily Ketone Score of 120 is associated with a fat loss rate of about 0.5 pounds/week.

You can set a personalized goal for your daily Ketone Score in the Biosense app. This will allow you to benchmark your progress and set targets to improve upon your past scores.

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