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After 4 years of living a OMAD Intermittent Fasting lifestyle I decided to start tracking my ketones. I chose BIOSENSE because it seems to be the most accurate for people who are experienced fasters or keto adapted.

The Evidence

Monday was a blow out feast day; 9 hours of carbs, sugar and alcohol and it took several days to get back into ketosis. Started a 2.5 day fast and it took a 10 mile hike on Saturday to finally get me burning some of my covid19 fat stores (20 ACE spike).

This device measures acetone in the breath and to compare the results to a blood testing meter just add a decimal for an approximation: 19ACE ≈ 1.9mmol/L.

Speaking of blood testing meters, I took comparison readings throughout my fast between the Biosense and Keto-Mojo blood testing meter, the

Favorite Part of BIOSENSE?

BIOSENSE gave even readings, the blood testing meter gave results bouncing all over the place. Needless to say I’ll be sticking with the BIOSENSE; no expensive strips or finger pricking.

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